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MondoCane is the official dealer for Switzerland of the HAQIHANA leashes HAQIHANA offers unique, non-toxic and hypoallergenic colors. 5 year warranty.
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Brochure Harnesses

Tutti i video

Tutti i video

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CHF 50.--

H-harnesses of the non-constricting type, ideal for every body size, from giant dogs to the smallest and most particular ones, such as chihuahuas and dachshunds. Adjustable in 5 points.


Pettorine H

CHF 70.--

Non-constricting 2H safety harnesses are designed to ensure a better fit for Greyhound, Galgo and similar dogs that have a deep chest. Adjustable in 7 points.

Non-constricting 2H

Pettorine 2H

CHF 35.--

3 meter leashes with double carabiner that allows it to be used in all its extension or can be halved. Tape width from 1,5 cm to 2 cm.

3 meter leashes